About Us

Impressive Wrap Las Vegas

Impressive Wrap is a group of individuals with a passion for cars and adding a personal touch to make vehicles stand out. With an extensive background in custom paint and paint correction, we understand that painting your car could be problematic, costly and irreversible if done incorrectly. We searched for alternative options to these methods, finally coming across the Impressive Wrap solution.

Why Wrap Versus Paint

After years of experiencing expensive, custom paint jobs becoming tainted through ordinary wear and tear and enduring the Las Vegas sun and heat we found the perfect solution, Impressive Wraps. Not only are these advanced vinyls and adhesives able to create a more customized look for your vehicle than traditional paint, it does it at a lower price point. Then, once this wrap is placed over your original paint, it not only covers it, but it actually protects it! If you want to change the color, or go back to the factory polish, you simply peel the impressive wrap away and voila, it’s like a fresh coat of paint.

There’s literally no better solution for your automotive color and customization than an Impressive Wrap.

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