Car Wraps

The Difference: Wrap Versus Paint

Unlike other wrap companies our background at Impressive Wraps Las Vegas is in custom automobile painting and paint correction. This means that we have experience in seeing our customer’s paint jobs becoming tainted, faded, or just plain ruined through ordinary wear and tear. Especially in the Las Vegas sun and heat. With today’s accelerated advancements in both vinyl and adhesive materials, a full vehicle wrap is a great solution to protect the original paint while adding your personality.

Easily Customized: Auto Wrap Printing

One of the biggest differences between wrap and paint is the ease in which a wrap can be customized. With our in-house graphics and design team we can inject your personality directly into the wrap printing, dramatically reducing the cost comparison between wrap and paint. With such quality printing abilities you can have a slick design or a sick graphic, it’s really up to you. Some people like a traditional look, while others want three dimensional images. We do it all. And at these prices, you can change it more often without it costing a fortune.

Better for the Environment

Automotive wraps are a much greener alternative to auto paint. This is because the manufacturing process of paint releases harmful contaminants into the environment. A wrap is completely reversible and uses significantly greener materials in comparison.

Choose Your Wrap Style

Gloss Wrap

Gloss Wrap is the most similar in look to paint. For this reason it is also the most frequently overlooked vehicle wrap choice. It is this resemblance to paint that makes striking and satisfying at the same time. If you want a paint-like appearance this is the auto wrap choice for you, as the difference is virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. It looks and shines like paint, but is a reversible finish. View Full Gallery

  • Ferrari 458

Chrome Wrap

Chrome Wrap is reflective and glistening, and gleams like a mirror. And if you want a shine that is mesmerizing and distinct you should choose the eye catching finish of chrome wrap. The type of finish chrome wrap achieves can not be accomplished with automotive paint. At Impressive Wraps Las Vegas our chrome is available in a variety of tints. If you want an original chrome, we have it, but we carry a variety of shades as well, from black chrome wrap to pink chrome, and every shade between.

Satin & Matte Wraps

For a finish that will make people want to feel it to believe it, choose a satin or matte finish. The unique appearance of the silky smooth satin or matte finishes offered by Impressive Wrap Las Vegas carry with them a range of possibilities unattainable by automotive paint. The subtle twist in the clear coat is what makes this such a popular choice in auto wrap finishes.

Brushed Metal Wraps

The appealing finish to brushed metals, such as stainless steel and brushed nickel is easily achieved with the brushed metal wraps at Impressive Wrap Las Vegas. Whether you want to achieve this look on interior trim or the entire exterior of your vehicle, we are the only company you should trust to complete your design. Using only the highest grade brushed materials that not only carry unique colors, but that also carry this signature brushed texture is what separates us from the competition.

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